Rampage Recovery Bumpers

Some information about rampage recovery bumpers!

Rampage recovery bumper is made for Jeeps, they are available for front and rear bumpers. The front and rear recovery bumpers have a few things in common. They are both made for 3/16 steel inch plates, they both have welded shackle mounts that have one inch crevasses. Both the front and rear bumper also have recessed 4 inch diameter lighting receptacles. These types of lighting holders can save it's users a great deal of money on lenses, especially when the jeep is used for off road activities. The front bumper has a stinger bar. This is two inches of tubular steel. Inside of that is a 1 inch tub protector. This tube protector adds a very nice finishing touch. There is plenty of room for a front tire articulation. It has a nice angle of the front corners of the bumper.

There is also plenty of room on the bumper to mount a wedge plate. It's not designed to bolt the wrench right to the bumper. However wrench plate will fit very nicely in there. There are tabs on the top of the bumper, these tabs can be used to install some more lighting as needed. The rear bumper it also has the 3/16 inch steel, it's black powder coated. It has a recovery feature such as the one inch shackles and deerings. A very nice feature in the rear bumper is a two inch hitch receding outlet into it. This can easily two the capacity weight of a jeep. It also has a recessed four inch round receptacles for the rear fog lights. On the rear bumper is also the spare tire carrier. It will hold up to a 35 inch wheel or tire. It fully swings away from the tailgate which gives it's user full access.

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